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Healing Hands Medicines

My Healing Hands India's 1st patented plant-based medicines

Start Early

Begin treatment early with medicines for faster and more effective results.

GutBio & KiwiBiotic Combo

A synergistic blend of prebiotics and probiotics to enhance gut health and digestion.

Follow Directions

Stick to medication instructions for safety and optimal benefit.

IBS-C & IBS-D Kits

Combination of proven solutions for comprehensive relief from IBS-Constipation and IBS-Diarrhea.

Commit to Care

Finish the 1 to 3 months course for lasting improvement and repeat if needed.

Diet and Lifestyle

Incorporate a high-fiber, simple & easy to digest diet, stay hydrated, and exercise regularly for good gut health.


Includes clinically evaluated solutions for managing inflammatory bowel diseases.

Our doctors recommend these key steps for optimal IBS & Gut Health care


Benefits of Healing Hands IBS & Gut Health care solutions for you

Unique Features

Unique features of Healing Hands plant-based gut health solutions

Clinically Proven Efficacy

Rigorously tested under clinical conditions to guarantee improvements in gut health, IBS and IBD management.

High User Satisfaction

Consistently high ratings from users who experience significant symptom improvements.

Advanced Probiotic Blends

Contains multiple strains of beneficial bacteria, ensuring a comprehensive approach to gut health.

All-Natural Ingredients

Made with plant-based ingredients that are gentle on the stomach and safe for long-term use.

Rich in Prebiotics

Our formulations include prebiotic fibers that nourish and support the growth of healthy gut bacteria.

FSSAI & FDA Approved

Adheres to strict quality control standards set by FSSAI and FDA.

Synergistic Ingredient Combinations

Designed to enhance the effects of each component for overall digestive wellness.

GMP Certified Manufacturing

Produced in facilities that comply with Good Manufacturing Practices.

Developed with Gastroenterologists

Created with insights from leading gastroenterologists to address specific IBS and gut health issues.

Specialized IBD Support

Formulations tailored to alleviate symptoms and manage Inflammatory Bowel Disease effectively.

Product Comparision

Comparison of Healing Hands IBS & Gut Health Care Solutions vs Other Solutions

Healing Hands Gut Health Solutions
Other Market Solutions


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Why choose Healing Hands Medicines?


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