Why Choose
Healing Hands Medicines

Get an Early Start

Early treatment with medicines helps regulate your digestive system faster.

Just Right Relief

ConstacTab offers convenient, easy-to-use tablets for on-the-go constipation relief.

Follow the Directions

Stick to medication instructions for gentle, effective relief.

Stronger Support

Constac Plus tackles severe constipation for those who need extra help.

Fuel for Smooth Function

Eat fiber-rich foods, stay hydrated, and move your body to get things moving.

Daily Comfort

Constac gently eases mild, lifestyle-based constipation.

IBS M & S Constipation Support

IBS Kits manage bowel movement irregularities associated with IBS.

Our doctors recommend these key steps to keep you constipation-free


Benefits of Healing Hands Patented Plant-based Laxatives for You

Unique Features

Unique Features of Our Plant-based Laxatives

Patented Formulations

Each product comes with the assurance of patented, scientifically validated formulations.

Plant-Based Ingredients

Made with a selection of natural Ayurvedic herbs.

Clinically Proven Efficacy

Backed by clinical studies validating their effectiveness and safety.


Endorsed by medical professionals for their efficacy.

Trusted by Lakhs

Lakhs of patients have used Constac, Constac Plus and ConatacTab in their journey from Constipation to Jubilation!

FDA Approved

Each product meets stringent Food and Drug Administration guidelines.

GMP Manufacturing

Produced under Good Manufacturing Practices for quality assurance.

Heavy-Metal Free

Ensures the safety and purity of ingredients.

Toxicologically Evaluated

Assessed for safety from any toxic substances.

Third-Party Lab Tested

Independently verified for quality and consistency.

Variants for Different Needs

Available in forms and strengths to address varying degrees of constipation.

Safe for Various Users

Suitable for a wide range of individuals, including those with specific health concerns like diabetes.

Quality Assured

Each product undergoes rigorous quality control processes.

Product Comparision

Comparison of Constac Laxatives vs Other Laxatives

Healing Hands Laxatives
Other Laxatives


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Can these laxatives be used by children?

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