Why Choose
Healing Hands Medicines

Start Early

Begin treatment early with medicines for faster and more effective results.

Acute Fissure Solution

Heal anal fissures quickly with the specialized FissureKit.

Follow Directions

Stick to medication instructions for safety and optimal benefit.

Fistula Management

Manage fistulas medically with the comprehensive FistulaKit.

Commit to Care

Finish the 3-month course for lasting improvement and repeat if needed.

Nourish & Move

Eat fiber-rich foods, stay hydrated, and exercise for long-term well-being.

External & Grade I & II Internal Piles

Treat and soothe piles gently and effectively with PiloKit.

Our doctors recommend these key steps for optimal anorectal care


Benefits of Healing Hands anorectal care medicines for you

Unique Features

Unique features of Healing Hands patented plant-based medicines

Patented Medicines

Our unique, patented medicines come with the assurance of scientific validation and ensure exclusive and effective anorectal care.


Our medicines are recommended by top doctors in India for treating anorectal conditions.

Molecular Validation

The safety and efficacy of anorectal treatment with our medicines are validated molecularly at NCCS, India’s foremost cellular sciences institute.

Trusted by Lakhs

Widely used and trusted by a large number of patients for the treatment of conditions like piles, fissure, fistula and other anorectal conditions.

Plant-Based Ingredients

A unique selection of scientifically validated herbs and herbal ingredients in our medicines ensures safety and effectiveness.

FDA Approved

Approved by the Food and Drug Administration and adheres to stringent standards.

Clinically Proven Efficacy

Extensive clinical trials back the efficacy of our medicines, ensuring reliability and trust.

GMP Manufacturing

Our medicines are produced in Good Manufacturing Practice certified facilities.

Heavy-Metal Free

Free from harmful heavy metals, ensuring safety.

Toxicologically Evaluated

Tested for toxicological safety.

Third-Party Lab Tested

Independent verification for quality and safety.

Quality Assured

Rigorous quality checks for consistent efficacy.


Patented Healing Hands anorectal care medicines and kits for you


The complete piles treatment kit offers quick relief and helps with recovery. The patented piles kit PiloKit comprises plant-based medicines PiloSpray and tablets PiloTab and ConstiTab.


The complete fissure treatment kit to soothe and heal anal fissures.​ The patented plant-based FissureKit comprises two units of PiloSpray and tablets, PiloTab and ConstiTab.


A holistic approach to medical management of anal fistula pre and post-surgery, comprising the patented and molecularly validated plant-based medicines AnoSpray and tablets Anoac-H, Turmocin Plus and ConstacTab.

AnoSpray + Anoac-H + Constac Combo

The advanced anorectal combination of patented plant-based medicines for treating severe piles, fissures, perianal wounds and other conditions – 2X strength of PiloKit & FissureKit.


Instant relief from pain and discomfort in piles and fissure through a convenient plant-based patented external spray.


A patented advanced plant-based anorectal spray that eases pain and discomfort externally in severe piles, fissures, perianal wounds and other conditions – ​2X PiloSpray strength.

Anoac-H Tablets

Patented advanced plant-based tablets to support internal anorectal healing and recovery – 2X PiloTab strength.

Anoac Cream

A patented ayurvedic cream for topical relief in anorectal pain and discomfort and healing of wounds.

ConstacTab Tablets

Patented plant-based laxative tablets for smooth bowel movement and relief in constipation to help with piles and fissure healing.

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