Constac Granules is effective for mild constipation relief
Benefits of Constac Granules
Customer feedback on Constac Granules effectiveness
Check Out Some of the features in Constac
Ingredients of MyHealing Hands Constac powder
Guidance for how to take constac granules
Constac Granules is effective for mild constipation relief
Benefits of Constac Granules
Customer feedback on Constac Granules effectiveness
Check Out Some of the features in Constac
Ingredients of MyHealing Hands Constac powder
Guidance for how to take constac granules

Constipation Relief

Medicines trusted by 10 lakh+ patients for 15+ years at our 30+ hospitals

Medicines trusted by 10 lakh+ patients for 15+ years at our 30+ hospitals

Constac Granules for Mild Constipation I 100 g

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Constipation Worries? Get relief with Healing Hands Constac Granules - a patented plant-based gentle laxative for mild constipation!

Gentle Formula for Mild Constipation Relief

Regulates Bowel Movement


Prevents Straining & Cramping

Constac for You

  • India's 1st patented, plant-based, gentle and effective laxative for lifestyle-based constipation relief.
  • Clinically proven to regulate bowel movements and improve gut health.
  • 12 select herbal ingredients for effective and gentle constipation relief.
  • Safe, effective, and non-habit forming, ensuring comfort and ease.
  • Doctor-recommended and trusted by lakhs of patients for its efficacy and safety.
  • Embrace a natural approach to gut wellness and transform your Constipation to Jubilation with Patented Constac!

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Constac Granules is effective for mild constipation relief

Constac Granules for Mild Constipation I 100 g

Why Choose
Healing Hands Medicines

Constac Granules
India’s 1st Patented Gentle Laxative
Marked Relief in Mild Constipation^


Increase in Defecation
Frequency Per Week


Improvement in
Digitation Score


Improvement in Sensation of
Incomplete Evacuation


Improvement in Pain
During Defecation


Improvement in Straining


Improvement in Activity
Reduction Per Week Score


Improvement in Extension of
Time in Defecation


Improvement in
Quality-of-Life Score


Increase in Stool Consistency
(Bristol Stool Form Score)

Constac is Safe for Long-Term Use ^


Participants completed the study

180 Days

was the study duration


of participants experienced relief in constipation


of participants experienced serious adverse events

Constipation to Jubilation® with Constac®


Patented plant-based gentle and mild laxative granules

10+ Years

of positive patient feedback for Constac Granules

7 Lakh+

Happy people experienced constipation to jubilation and counting…


Top Indian doctors have recommended Constac for mild constipation

^Know more about the clinical study and indications


Constac benefits for you

Relieves Mild Constipation

Gentle on Digestive System

Non-Habit Forming

Safe for Regular Use

No Cramps or Spasms

Improves Defecation Frequency

Eliminates Incomplete Evacuations

Prevents Hard Stools

Prevents Straining

Relieves Pain during Defecation

Decreases Bloating and Gas

Improves Digestion

Key features

Quality medicine Constac for you

Patented Mild
Laxative Granules

Mild & Strong

Available in Granules
and Tablets




Trusted by Lakhs




Lab Tested

Metal Free


Who should use

Indications for Constac Granules

Effective laxative for lifestyle-based constipation relief

Lifestyle-based Constipation

Constac Granules for Mild Constipation

Mild Constipation

best solution for mild chronic constipation

Mild Chronic Constipation

Constac Granules is indicated for Mild IBS-Constipation

Mild IBS-C (Irritable Bowel Syndrome with Mild Constipation)

IBS-M constipation treatment with Constac  Granules

IBS-M (IBS with both Constipation and Diarrhea)

How to take

How to take Constac Granules?

Direct in mouth

After dinner Take 1 to 2 spoons directly in your mouth and drink ½ to 1 glass of water.

Dissolve in water

Or dissolve 1 to 2 spoons in ½ to 1 glass of water and drink it.


Experience Proven Solution for Mild Constipation Management: Constac

Patented, clinically proven, trusted, effective and safe plant-based granules.
Mild Ayurvedic laxative | Constac Granules

Patented Mild Laxative

Constac is India's first patented, plant-based gentle laxative (Patent No.: 375497), proven effective in mild constipation management.

Constac medicines is available in variants types

Variants and Types

Constac is available in variants - Constac Granules is the milder variant for mild constipation, and Constac Plus Granules is the stronger variant for severe constipation. While ConstacTab is a laxative in the form of a tablet.

Constac Granules planted based medicine for Constipation

Mild and Gentle

Constac Granules is a mild plant-based laxative that acts gently on your digestive tract, specially formulated for lifestyle-based mild constipation relief.

Constac Granules are safe and non-addictive

Safe, Non-Habit Forming

Constac Granules can be used regularly without dependency concerns, as evaluated in a large 948 participant 180 days study.#

Effective Constipation Relief Medicines | Constac

Effective Constipation Relief

Constac Granules absorb water, add bulk to the stool, soften it, and lubricate the intestinal walls, ensuring smooth bowel movements.

Constac Tab provide Gental Effective relief from constipation

Comprehensive Symptom Relief

Constac Granules provides laxative action and addresses symptoms like indigestion, bloating, and other gastrointestinal discomforts.

Constac is a Ayurvedic Laxative instant constipation relief medicine

Scientifically-Backed Ayurveda

Constac contains a blend of 12 select Ayurvedic herbs with scientifically proven action on constipation.

Sugar free for diabetes & constipation patients

Clinically Proven

The safety and efficacy of Constac have been clinically proven in long-term studies with a large pool of participants, and its stability is validated in a scientific study. @#^

Clinically proven best medicine for constipation in india

Easily Adjustable Dose

Granular form of Constac allows for easy dose adjustments as needed, depending on the severity of constipation.

adjustable constipation solution


Constac has no added sugar, which is especially good for people with diabetes and constipation.

Constac Granules powder has good taste

Good Taste

Constac has a tasty herbal blend that makes consuming it pleasant.

ayurvedic treatment for constipation recommended by doctors

Trusted Choice

Constac is recommended by top doctors in India and trusted by lakhs of happy patients for its safety and effectiveness in managing constipation.


Select herbs of the patented Constac Granules


Eases stool movement, improves digestion


Mild laxative, enhances digestion


Detoxifies liver, treats indigestion


Boosts immunity, regulates bowels


Helps digestion, antioxidant properties


Softens stool, helps movement


Improves digestion, reduces gas


Enhances appetite, helps digestion


Relieves flatulence, helps digestion


Stimulates bowel movement

Erand Tail

Softens stool, eases passage

Narikel Lavan

Balances electrolytes, treats gastritis

How It Helps

How does Constac Granules help manage Constipation?

Clinical references

Constac Granules Clinical References

Efficacy of Constac in the Management of Mild Chronic Constipation

@ An open-label, prospective clinical study to evaluate the efficacy of Constac in the management of chronic constipation.

Read more

Constac Granules Long-Term Efficacy and Safety in Constipation Management

# Retrospective, prospective, open-label, observational study to evaluate the efficacy and adverse drug reactions in patients taking Constac Granules (churn) for long term in constipation.

Read more

Stability study of Ayurvedic formulation – Constac Granules for Mild Constipation

^ A stability study of ayurvedic laxative formulation - Constac Granulation.

Read more

Senna (Cassia senna) for constipation

Recent advances on senna as a laxative: A comprehensive review

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Hirada (Terminalia chebula) for constipation

A comprehensive review on the diverse pharmacological perspectives of Terminalia chebula Retz

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Behada (Terminalia bellirica) for constipation

A pharmacognostic, phytochemical and pharmacological review of Terminalia bellerica

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Amla (Emblica officinalis) for constipation

Amla (Emblica officinalis): Role in health management via controlling various biological activities

Read more

Isabgol (Plantago ovata) for constipation

Characterization of Psyllium (Plantago ovata) Polysaccharide and Its Uses

Read more

Mulethi (Glycyrrhiza glabra) for constipation

Glycyrrhiza glabra - A plant for the future

Read more

Ajwain (Trachyspermum ammi) for constipation

Trachyspermum ammi medicinal properties

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Badishep (Foeniculum vulgare) for constipation

Foeniculum vulgare Mill: A Review of Its Botany, Phytochemistry, Pharmacology, Contemporary Application, and Toxicology

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Elaichi (Elettaria cardamomum) for constipation

Systematics Evaluations of Morphological Traits, Chemical Composition, and Antimicrobial Properties of Selected Varieties of Elettaria cardamomum (L.) Maton

Read more

Eranda Tail (Ricinus Communis) for constipation

Therapeutic aspects of Eranda Tail (Oil of Ricinus Communis)

Read more


Do you have any questions?

We will explain everything about Constac Granules!

What is Constac Granules?

How is Constac Granules better than other laxatives?

Why choose a patented laxative like Constac?

What are the main ingredients in Constac Granules?

How does Constac Granules work?

How should I take Constac Granules?

Is Constac Granules safe for regular use?

Are there any clinical studies on Constac Granules?

What are the benefits of using Constac Granules?

Who should use Constac Granules?

How long should I use Constac Granules?

Does Constac Granules have any side effects?

How soon can I expect results after taking Constac Granules?

What food and lifestyle changes are suggested along with Constac Granules to manage constipation?

Are there any variants of Constac available?

What is the difference between Constac, Constac Plus and ConstacTab?

What should I do if I have severe constipation?

Can breastfeeding and pregnant women take Constac and Constac Plus?

Is Constac Granules sugar-free and safe for Diabetics?

How does Constac Granules taste?

How should I store Constac Granules?

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Aarav Sharma
Gentle Constipation Relief

Constac is very helpful for my mild constipation, offering gentle and effective relief without any cramps. A trusted solution for daily use.

Priya Desai
Constac is Best

After trying several remedies Constac's formula improved my digestion significantly. No more bloating and gas, just smooth bowel clearance.

Rohit Patel
No More Strain

With Constac I no longer experience painful straining. It's been a gentle yet effective treatment for my constipation.

Aarti Biswas
Very Good

Very good for constipation.

Deepika Iyer
My Safe Choice

As someone wary of habit-forming meds Constac's non-habit forming granules have been a perfect fit. On top of that it is indeed safe and effective, as I don’t have any painful cramps before motion.

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