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Healing Hands Medicines

My Healing Hands India's 1st patented plant-based medicines

Start Early

Begin treatment at the first sign of symptoms for quicker relief.

Turmocin Plus Cream

Heals wounds, burns, infections, and reduces pain and swelling.

Follow Directions

Adhere strictly to medication guidelines to maximize benefits.

Turmocin Tablets

Enhances immunity, promotes wound healing, and improves gut health.

Commit to Care

Complete the 3-month course for lasting improvement, and repeat if necessary.

Holistic Approach

Combine topical and oral treatments for comprehensive care.

Turmocin Plus Tablets

Provides relief in chronic pain, arthritis, IBS, and IBD.

Our doctors recommend these key steps for optimal health and wellness


Benefits of Healing Hands turmeric-based medicines for you

Unique Features

Unique features of Healing Hands patented plant-based medicines

Specialized Support

Formulations are tailored to specific health issues such as skin conditions, wound healing, chronic pain, and digestive health.

GMP Certified Manufacturing

Produced in facilities that comply with Good Manufacturing Practices, guaranteeing high-quality products.

All-Natural Formulations

Made exclusively with plant-based ingredients that are gentle and safe for long-term use.

FDA Approved

Approved by food and drug safety authorities, adhering to strict quality control standards.

Synergistic Ingredient Combinations

Designed to enhance the effects of each component for overall wellness.

Molecularly Validated

Ensuring the highest efficacy and safety through scientific validation.

Clinically Validated

Each product is rigorously tested under clinical conditions to ensure effective relief.

Heavy Metal Free

Safe for long-term use with no harmful contaminants.


Our medicines are recommended by top doctors in India for improving overall health and wellness.

Third-Party Lab Tested

Independently verified for quality and purity.

High Patient Satisfaction

Consistently received high ratings from patients who experience significant improvements.

Toxicologically Evaluated

Proven safe through comprehensive toxicological testing.

Product Comparision

Comparison of Healing Hands Turmeric-Based Medicines vs Other Medicines

Healing Hands Turmeric-Based Medicines
Other Turmeric-Based Medicines


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How long should I use these medicines?

Why choose Healing Hands Medicines?


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