About Us

We are Healing Hands

The story of Healing Hands started with friends joining from renowned medical colleges and business institutes in India with one goal: to provide our patients with best-in-class, proven plant-based medicines and surgical treatments.
We are a team of surgeons, doctors, clinicians, researchers and specialists in plant-based medicines.
Our 16 years of experience providing world-class patented and clinically proven medicines has brought smiles to the faces of 10 lakh+ patients.
We wish to bring smiles to many more of our patients and continue the healing journey.

Our Journey


Healing Hands Clinic Founded

India's largest Proctology & GI Hospital Chain with over 16 years of experience in world-class surgical and medical treatments for anorectal and gastrointestinal diseases with 27 surgical hospitals


Launched 1st Plant-based Medicines

Specialized medicines for constipation and anorectal diseases introduced – Constac and Anoac Cream


Healing Hands & Herbs Founded

Collaborated for R&D for over 5 years with Healing Hands Clinic. Specialized plant-based medicines Constac Plus for severe constipation and Acideem Plus for chronic acidity introduced


Patient Study at Healing Hands Clinic

Study of Patients at HHC to understand problems with current treatment and develop novel solutions for anorectal and gut-related conditions


Innovative Formulations for Piles & Fissure Developed

Innovative plant-based medicines – PiloSpray, PiloTab and ConstiTab, developed based on patient insights for the treatment of piles and fissure; clinical trials started


Clinical Trials Published

Based on patient insights:

  • Plant-based medicines for piles and fissure PiloKit PiloSpray validated, and clinical trials published
  • Kiwibiotic: prebiotic developed; clinical study published

Patent Awarded

  • Patents granted – Constac & Constac Plus India’s 1st plant-based laxative granules
  • GutBio & GutBio Plus – Probiotics with 10 unique bacterial strains developed

Launch of PiloKit & PiloSpray

Introduction of India’s 1st plant-based spray treatment Kits for Piles and Fissure. Molecular studies published.


Patent Awarded

Patent granted – PiloSpray, AnoSpray, Anoac Cream, Anoac H, PiloTab for Piles, Fissure and Fistula treatment


Innovative Solutions

FissureKit for anal fissure, FistulaKit for anal fistula management and ConstacTab patented laxative tablet introduced. 

We are Healing Hands: We Understand Healing

We provide complete treatment solutions to our patients, from innovative medicines to complex surgical treatments.


Over 1 million patients in 16 years with Piles, Fissures, Fistulas, Constipation, IBS and more


World’s 1st plant-based patented and molecularly validated spray treatment kits for anorectal conditions, laxatives and other medicines


The World’s best-in-class medicines and surgical treatment for anorectal and other conditions

Our Innovations

World’s 1st Sprays for Piles, Fissure and Fistula

PiloSpray and AnoSpray

India’s 1st Laxative variants in mild, strong and tablets for Constipation

Constac, Constac Plus and ConstacTab

India’s 1st Kits for complete treatment of various conditions

PiloKit, FissureKit and FistulaKit

1st Molecularly validated plant-based medicines for safety and efficacy

PiloSpray, AnoSpray, PiloTab, Anoac-H, Turmocin Plus and others

India’s 1st Patented Medicines, Kits and Combos

PiloSpray, AnoSpray, PiloKit, FissureKit, FistulaKit, Constac, Constac Plus and ConstacTab

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