Anoac Cream for Piles and Fissure care
Benefits of anoac cream for quick relief
Customer feedback on Anoac cream effectiveness
Check Out Some of the features of  Anoac cream
Ingredients of MyHealing Hands Anoac cream
Guidance for how to use Anoac cream
Anoac Cream for Piles and Fissure care
Benefits of anoac cream for quick relief
Customer feedback on Anoac cream effectiveness
Check Out Some of the features of  Anoac cream
Ingredients of MyHealing Hands Anoac cream
Guidance for how to use Anoac cream

Piles Care

Medicines trusted by 10 lakh+ patients for 15+ years at our 30+ hospitals

Medicines trusted by 10 lakh+ patients for 15+ years at our 30+ hospitals

Anoac Cream for Piles, Fissures & Perianal Wounds I 30 g

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Looking for a trusted Ayurvedic solution to treat external piles and fissures? Go for Healing Hands Anoac Cream today!

Heals Wounds & Treats Infections

Reduces Swelling

Relieves Pain

Treats External Piles & Fissure

Anoac Cream for You

  • Patented plant-based piles and fissure cream for external healing.
  • Powerful Ayurvedic oils like Kasisadi, Jatyadi and Neem and Bhasmas like Sphatik, Tankan and Yashad.
  • Reduces inflammation, relieves pain and promotes rapid wound healing.
  • Lakhs of satisfied patients trust Anoac Cream for soothing relief and fast recovery.
  • Experience the power of Ayurveda and science combined in anorectal care!

Pair Anoac Cream with patented Anoac-H Tablets and Constac Granules for even better results. Try this combo today and feel the difference!

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Anoac Cream for Piles and Fissure care

Anoac Cream for Piles, Fissures & Perianal Wounds I 30 g

Why Choose
Healing Hands Medicines

Patented Ayurvedic Anorectal Cream
Soothes and Heals Externally: Anoac Cream ^

Patented Innovation

Patented Ayurvedic anorectal treatment cream

Natural Ingredients

Scientifically validated Ayurvedic formulation

Eases Pain

Sooths and reduces anorectal pain

Boosts Healing

Accelerates anorectal wound healing

Controls Swelling

Effectively reduces inflammation

Proven Safe

Clinically proven safe for external anorectal treatment

Effective Care

Heals fissures, hemorrhoids and perianal wounds externally

Complete Treatment

Anoac Cream, Anoac-H Tablets and Constac Granules Combo

Soothing Anorectal Relief with Anoac® Cream

3 Medicines

Anorectal combo for complete soothing care

10+ Years

of positive patient feedback for Anoac Cream combo

5 Lakh+

Happy patients experienced soothing relief and counting…


Top Indian doctors have recommended Anoac Cream combo

^Know more about the clinical study and indications


Anoac Cream benefits for you

Heals external piles, fissures & wounds

Proven ayurvedic ingredients

Promotes wound healing

Controls and prevents infection

Reduces swelling

Relieves pain and discomfort

Soothes burning and itching

Key features

Quality medicine Anoac Cream for you

Patented Anorectal Cream

Ayurvedic Anorectal Cream




Trusted by




Lab Tested


Who should use

Indications for Anoac Cream

Anoac cream indicate external piles treatment

External Hemorrhoids (Piles)

Anal Fissure Treatment with Anoac cream

Anal Fissures

Bleeding piles can be relieved with Pilospray

Perianal Wounds

*Recommended for treating external hemorrhoids (piles), anal fissures and perianal wounds; maintaining a healthy lifestyle with proper hydration and fiber intake helps in recovery.

How to Use

How should you use Anoac Cream?

Wash Hands

  • Clean your hands using soap and water, then dry with a clean cloth.

Clean the Anal Area

  • Gently wash the anal region with water and pat dry with a clean cloth.

Apply the Cream

  • Take a small amount of Anoac Cream on your finger.

Apply to Affected Area

  • Gently apply the cream externally in the anal region.


Use Anoac Cream 3 times daily

  • Before going for motion.
  • After the motion.
  • Before bedtime.


Experience Proven Ayurvedic Piles & Fissure Treatment with Anoac Cream

Patented, clinically proven, trusted, effective and safe plant-based solution
Patented piles & fissure treatment cream

Patented Piles and Fissure Cream

Anoac Cream is a patented (Patent No.: 428503) Ayurvedic formulation proven for its effectiveness in treating external piles and anal fissures.

Anoac cream is the best combination with Anoac-H, Constac Granules

Best in Combination

Anoac Cream works best in combination with Anoac-H Tablets and Constac Granules. The combo provides external and internal treatment of piles and fissures and relieves constipation.

Ayurvedic Laxative instant constipation relief tablets

Combining Ayurveda and Science

Anoac Cream blends Ayurvedic wisdom with modern scientific research and validation for a powerful and holistic healing formula for anorectal conditions.

Safe & effective anoac cream for pain reliefe

Targeted Relief

Specially designed to combat inflammation, pain and wounds in sensitive anorectal areas.

Clinically Proven Anoac cream for piles and fissure treatment

Clinically Proven

The efficacy of Anoac Cream in treating anorectal conditions like external piles and anal fissures has been clinically proven.

Anoac cream | Piles & Fissure treatment solution with lakhs of patients

Happy Patients

With lakhs of satisfied patients, Anoac Cream has become the preferred choice for those seeking relief from external discomfort in piles and fissures.

Ayurvedic anoractal treatment recommended by doctors

Doctors Recommend

Anoac Cream is recommended by top Indian doctors for external treatment of piles, fissures and other anorectal conditions.


Select oils, herbs and bhasmas of the patented Ayurvedic Anoac Cream

Kasisadi Oil

Reduces pain, heals wounds

Jatyadi Oil

Heals wounds, relieves itching

Neem Oil

Antimicrobial, reduces itching


Analgesic, cools, relieves burning


Relieves pain, fights infection

Tankan Bhasma

Antiseptic, antiviral, anti-inflammatory

Yasad Bhasma

Prevents infections, heals wounds

Sphatik Bhasma

Controls bleeding, anti-inflammatory

How It Helps

How does Anoac Cream help Treat External Piles and Anal Fissure?

Clinical references

Anoac Cream Clinical References

Efficacy of Anoac Cream in treating piles, anal fissure and perianal symptoms

Clinical evaluation of improved Anoac Cream for efficacy & adverse drug reaction in patients with perianal symptoms due to fissure & piles. A prospective open label study.

Read more

Stability study and Evaluation of Ayurvedic formulation-Anoac cream for piles and fissure

Gajanan,.: Stability study and Evaluation of Ayurvedic formulation - Anoac cream. AAMJ 2017; 6:1595 – 1599.

Read more

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Herbal Remedies of Azadirachta indica and its Medicinal Application

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Pudina (Mentha piperita)

Essential oil and extracts, their biological activities, and perspectives on the development of new medicinal products

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Kasisadi Oil

A review article on the importance of Kasisadi Taila in the management of arsa (Haemorrhoids).

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Jatyadi Oil

Topical application of Jatyadi Ghrita and Jatyadi Taila accelerates wound healing

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Jatyadi Oil

A review of Jatyadi Taila & its medicinal properties.

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Do you have any questions?

We will explain everything about Anoac Cream!

What is Anoac Cream?

Why choose the patented Healing Hands Anoac Cream for your anorectal conditions?

How does Anoac Cream differ from other piles or fissure creams?

What are the key ingredients of Anoac Cream?

How does Anoac Cream work?

How often should I use Anoac Cream?

How long should I use Anoac Cream?

Should I combine Anoac Cream with other products for better results?

Are there any clinical studies on Anoac Cream?

Is Anoac Cream safe?

What are the indications for Anoac Cream?

How should I store Anoac Cream?

Are there any side effects?

Customer Reviews

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Rohit dhedee

खूप छान औषध आहेत , मूळव्याध, फिशर, बरा होतो,मी हॉस्पिटल मध्ये जाऊन खूप खर्च केला पण फरक च पडत नव्हता हे घेतल्यापासून खूप आराम मिळत आहे



Lokesh Reddy


Bhavani Rajsekar
Good pain relief

Good for pain releif


Good relief in fissure pain with soothing effect.

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