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Medicines trusted by 10 lakh+ patients for 15+ years at our 32 hospitals

Medicines trusted by 10 lakh+ patients for 15+ years at our 32 hospitals

PiloSpray Piles and Fissure Treatment Spray I 35 g

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Suffering from Piles or Fissure Pain? Get instant relief with the patented Healing Hands PiloSpray.

Quick Absorption & Pain Relief

Heals Wounds & Reduces Bleeding^

Promotes External Healing

Relieves Itching & Burning

Why PiloSpray

  • India’s 1st patented plant-based spray for treating piles and fissure externally.
  • Offers fast, safe, and effective anal pain relief and healing through touch-free application and quick absorption.
  • Developed scientifically through rigorous clinical research and molecularly validated.
  • Trusted by top Indian doctors and lakhs of patients for effective external relief in piles and fissures.

Combine PiloSpray with patented tablets PiloTab and ConstiTab for the best results. Choose PiloKit for Piles or FissureKit for anal Fissure and transform your treatment today!

Minimum order quantity: 2

PiloSpray Piles and Fissure Treatment Spray I 35 g

PiloSpray Piles and Fissure Treatment Spray I 35 g

Why Choose
Healing Hands Medicines

India’s 1st Patented Spray
Quick Relief for Your Piles & Fissure Externally^

Patented Innovation

Patented plant-based Piles & Fissure spray

Pain Reduction

Eases pain effectively

Rapid Healing

Promotes quick healing of wounds

Less Itching

Minimizes itching and discharge

Proven Safety

Clinically validated effectiveness

Satisfied Patients

High satisfaction rates with treatment

Quality of Life

Improved quality of life with PiloSpray use

Combination Treatment

PiloKit & FissureKit for complete treatment

Piles to Smiles® with PiloSpray®

3X Faster

Piles and Fissure healing with Kits having PiloSpray

4 Years

of positive patient feedback for PiloSpray

2 Lakh+

Happy patients experienced Piles to Smiles and counting…


Top Indian doctors have recommended Kits with PiloSpray

^Know more about the clinical study and indications


PiloSpray benefits for you

External piles and fissure healing

Relief in pain and burning

Relief in itching and discharge

Swelling reduction^

Bleeding reduction#

Wound healing

Infection prevention

Touch-free application

Quick absorption

Easy to use in the anal region

Use Anytime, Anywhere

Key features

Quality Medicine PiloSpray for You

Patented Piles &
Fissure Spray

Fast Action Piles &
Fissure Spray

Molecularly Validated

Safe Plant-Based


Relief Anytime Anywhere



Trusted by Lakhs




Lab Tested

Metal Free


Who should use

Indications for PiloSpray

External hemorrhoids (piles)

Bleeding piles

Piles pain, pricking, burning, itching

Piles mass and swelling*

Anal fissure

Fissure pain, pricking, burning, itching

Fissure wounds and cuts

*PiloKit and FissureKit combination treatment is recommended for treating grade I and II hemorrhoids (piles) and acute anal fissures, respectively. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle with proper hydration and fiber intake helps in recovery.

How to take

How should you use PiloSpray for best results?

Direction of use

Shake the PiloSpray can properly before using it for best results

Spray continuously on the affected area in the anal region for 2 to 4 seconds from a distance of 5 to 8 cm

Use PiloSpray 2 to 3 times a day or as many times as required, depending on the severity of the symptoms

Preferably use before and after bowel motions and before going to bed at night

Positions for Application


  • Squat in a comfortable position
  • Spread the buttock with one hand
  • Spray externally on the affected area in the anal region


  • Stand comfortably on one leg with the other leg lifted up on a proper support
  • Spread the buttock with one hand
  • Spray externally on the affected area in the anal region

Lying down

  • Lie down on one side with one leg lifted up closer to the abdomen
  • Spread the buttock with one hand
  • Spray externally on the affected area in the anal region


Experience Fast Piles and Fissure Relief with PiloSpray:

Patented, molecularly proven, trusted, effective, safe, plant-based and touch-free spray treatment.

Patented Piles & Fissure Spray

PiloSpray, the world's first patented (Patent No.: 423811) plant-based spray, offers a scientifically validated safe solution for effective external treatment for piles and fissure.

Fast Relief

Experience fast relief from pain, burning and itching in piles and fissure in just 30 seconds with easy application and quick absorption of the medicine.

External Treatment

PiloSpray reduces inflammation, pain, and infection, promotes wound healing, controls bleeding, alleviates itching, and soothes and moisturizes the affected anal area while also relaxing anal muscles.

Relief Anytime Anywhere

PiloSpray can be easily sprayed externally anytime and anywhere, with convenience for quick relief in piles and fissure, pain and discomfort.

Touch-free Treatment

PiloSpray offers a painless, touch-free approach for treating piles and fissure, minimizing the risk of injury and infection.

Safe Plant-Based

Formulated with purely herbal ingredients, PiloSpray is a reliable treatment choice, free from the adverse effects of harsh synthetic chemicals.

Molecularly Validated

PiloSpray is validated at the molecular level for its safety and effectiveness in treating piles (hemorrhoids) and anal fissure at NCCS, India's leading cellular science institute.#

Clinically Proven

Rigorously tested and proven effective in clinical trials, PiloSpray offers dependable relief in piles and fissure. @^

Recommended by Doctors

Trusted and recommended by leading doctors in India, assuring its efficacy and safety in treating piles and fissure externally.

Happy Patients

As evidence of its effectiveness, PiloSpray has been used and trusted by lakhs of happy patients, showcasing its reliability in treating piles and fissure.

Combination Treatment Recommended

PiloSpray is combined with patented tablets PiloTab and ConstiTab for a holistic treatment approach for piles and fissure. PiloKit for piles and FissureKit for fissure is recommended.


Molecularly validated herbs of the patented PiloSpray

Til Oil

Reduces bleeding, pain and burning


Alleviates bleeding, inflammation and itching


Treats bleeding, pain and inflammation


Eases bleeding, inflammation and burning


Reduces swelling, pain and itching


Alleviates inflammation, pain and itching

Kokam Oil

Helps with piles, swelling and pain

How It Helps

How does PiloSpray help in treating Piles and Fissure?

Clinical references

PiloSpray Clinical References

Safety and efficacy of PiloSpray at the molecular level.

# PiloSpray (AnoSpray) suppresses proinflammatory cytokines COX‑2 and RANTES in the management of hemorrhoids, acute anal fissures and perineal wounds.

Read more

^ Safety and efficacy of PiloSpray (AnoSpray) in acute perineum wounds.

An open label, randomized, comparative, parallel group, single center study to evaluate safety & efficacy of PiloSpray in a comparison with betadine solution application in acute perineum wounds.

Read more

3X Faster Relief in Piles and Fissures

@ Porwal A, et al. A prospective & open label clinical study on PiloKit for the management of hemorrhoids (piles), anal fissures & perineal wounds. [Sbmtd For publication ]. CTRI Registration:

Read more

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Nutritional, Medicinal and Industrial Uses of Sesame (Sesamum indicum L.) Seeds - An Overview

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Phyto-pharmacology of Berberis aristata DC: a review

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A comprehensive analysis on Symplocos racemosa Roxb.: Traditional uses, botany, phytochemistry and pharmacological activities.

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The chemistry and medicinal uses of the underutilized Indian fruit tree Garcinia indica Choisy (kokum): A review

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Do you have any questions?

We will explain everything about PiloSpray!

What is PiloSpray?

How is PiloSpray different from other treatments?

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How soon can I expect results from PiloSpray?

Can PiloSpray cure piles or fissure completely?

Is PiloSpray safe to use after piles or fissure operation?

Is PiloSpray free from side effects?

Is PiloSpray safe to use during pregnancy?

Can I purchase PiloSpray separately?

Customer Reviews

Based on 52 reviews
Kanad Adhikary
Very helpful..

Very helpful..

Best med

Best medicine. Got relief immediately.

Imran Khan

It is very good and pain healer from piles ..who have piles he should use this u feel better and good 😊

Very good

This is useful for my problem very well.

Great for piles

Good relief from piles pain and tablet's are also very good it's stop bleeding and good for digest.....it is very helpful for piles patients.....thank you pilo spray keep going u r doing very very good 👍😊

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